Another day, another ovarian scan

Today’s scan was very straightforward. Number of growing follicles: 12. Size of growing follicles: between 10 and 13mm. This is quite good, steady progress, slightly slower than normal which means more scans than planned (2 days extra). Number of small follicles: 27!!!! This is not so good. I m now in danger of hyperovulating. My minimal dosage of gonal-f might be even more reduced or taken out of the treatment completely (the dosage is one of the causes why my follicles are growing slowly). The doctors will discuss it in a team meeting later this afternoon and will call me if I’ll have to change the dosage. This means having my phone with me between 3pm-6:30pm, ie during my back-to-back meetings at work.

I also had a blood test to check my hormones levels. I’ll have one every 2nd day from now on. Yes, I had a feeling 2 needles a day were not enough! They say “three is a charm”!

The nurse said that the latest I can expect the “egg collection” would be next Wednesday. That means in week’s time!!! This sounds really soon.

Meanwhile on he other side of the world my mum is having her lungs scan for her cancer. I know this is just a test and the results won’t be available for some time, but it still stresses me out and I can feel one big knot in my stomach. She hasn’t been feeling well in the last few days and last night when I spoke to her she couldn’t stop coughing, so I am very worried. I cannot wait to speak to her as soon as she is out of the hospital.

It is now 9:20am and I am on my way to work where no one has a clue what my morning looked like.


About kidsandotherthings

This box is to small to dwell on my passions, the complexities and simplicities of my personality, my likes and dislikes so I get straight to the point: it's time for me to have a baby. I didn't grow up wishing for a baby and counted the days until I could start a family. Neither did I wake up one day and thought that my life is missing a kid. It's not. I love my husband, I love our life and frankly, I am not sure I am ready to change it. Nor did I gave up to the pressure of having a baby after being happily married to a gorgeous, sexiest man alive. I just think it's time for me to try something new. I know these decisions shouldn't be taken lightly and I spent a lot of time thinking things through. Well, my mum is also suffering from incurable cancer and that give me a whole lot of reasons. Turns out, it's not that easy for us. We are going through IVF and something called ICSI.
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