IVF Egg Collection Day

7:15am – Chris just took away my tea literally from my lips as I was half way drinking it. The nurse said no more food/drinks are allowed from 7:15 and Chris is clearly taking it very seriously. We both had a sleepless night so I m glad we packed our hospital bag (iPad, magazines, lethal amounts of paracetamol, water, chocolates for the nurses, and overnight clothes just in case) am and prepared our most comfortable clothes the night before.

8:15am – we got to the clinic and were shown into our area. By area I mean curtained square with an armchair and a chair for us to wait in. The nurse came in and took my basic vitals and asked for me to change into hospital gown. Apparently I got an athletes’s vitals. I also changed into the hospital gown which Chris tied me into so tight, I looked like a made to measure Diane Von Frustenberg dress with no room to breath. And then another nurse put need needles in my arm for the procedure.

8;30am. Waiting time. The nurses are really lovely and there is someone wishing us good luck every 5 minutes.

9:30 into the operating theatre. It’s quite a big room, with the massive bed in the middle and 6 members of staff.
All women, all very friendly. As was put on the bed, a sedation tube was put into my nose. It didn’t seem like it was doing anything as I was awake, but when I looked at a clock it was 10:15 and it was all over. I felt only a very mild discomfort. I was then put on a wheel chair and bright back to our waiting area where Chris was already waiting for me, following giving his sample and making a trip to a local coffee shop to bring me a latte and a small sandwich.

10:30 latte drunk, sandwich eaten, but my head feels like I have been hit with a brick. Apart from that, I am not feeling bad at all. My eyes hardly stay open so Chris is reading “Marie Claire” out loud to me.

11:10 – Chris has been sent tot the pharmacy to pick up antibiotics for me. In the meantime, the embryologist came to say that they only managed to collect 6 eggs and although Chris’s quality sperm has improved, they suggest we still go for the ICSI treatment to give us more chance for the eggs to fertilise.

11:20 – I m a little disappointed that from my 40 growing follicles we only got 6 eggs. That is a smaller number than the average 8-12 but there is nothing I can do about it. Finishing drinking my coffee as I need to go to the toilet before we leave so can report back to the doctors whether there is blood. Chris is still not back from the pharmacy and I m worries to tell him what the doctor said to me. Still no physical pains and the headache is getting better.

11:25 – I have been shown how to use the next step of medication – a vaginal gel that I will have to insert almost like a tampon for the next few weeks, starting tonight.

11:30 Chris is back with the antibiotics. He is not disappointed and in good spirits, making me laugh. He ordered us a taxi home for 12pm so we will be out of here soon.

11:40 I am dressed in my own clothes now and ready to go to pee with the nurse. Feeling dizzy when walking but the nurse is holding my hand. No blood in pee so we can definitely go home as soon as the taxi arrives. Still no pains.

11:50 – Discharge papers are here. The embryologist will call us tomorrow to let us know how many/if any of the eggs fertilised and how long we will have to wait until the transfer back.

12:00 and we are off! The whole thing took less than 4 hours, it wasn’t scary or painful. Brilliant nurses and staff. Now the nervous wait until the call tomorrow.

13:30 we are shopping. Zara, Tk Maxx, Ikea… Full of energy.

15:00 all of a sudden I m feeling like I’ve been hit with a brick in a head! Luckily we were driving home and I couldn’t wait to lie down.

15:15 I hardly made it through the bathroom door and I m sick. And then sick two more times before i fall askeep until 7pm.



About kidsandotherthings

This box is to small to dwell on my passions, the complexities and simplicities of my personality, my likes and dislikes so I get straight to the point: it's time for me to have a baby. I didn't grow up wishing for a baby and counted the days until I could start a family. Neither did I wake up one day and thought that my life is missing a kid. It's not. I love my husband, I love our life and frankly, I am not sure I am ready to change it. Nor did I gave up to the pressure of having a baby after being happily married to a gorgeous, sexiest man alive. I just think it's time for me to try something new. I know these decisions shouldn't be taken lightly and I spent a lot of time thinking things through. Well, my mum is also suffering from incurable cancer and that give me a whole lot of reasons. Turns out, it's not that easy for us. We are going through IVF and something called ICSI.
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